We are all warriors.

I have an obsession with survivor stories.  It has something to do with the strength of these women following their unique and terrible experiences.  They learned to throw punches.  They battled their attackers in court.  They faced themselves in the mirror.  They talked (or wrote) about what happened to them.  They are warriors.  Survival doesn’t mean “I didn’t die,” it means, “I’ve rebuilt a life worth living.”

The obsession began following a treacherous time in my own past.  Those stories showed me that what matters most is that afterward I created a life for myself that was filled with hope, with strength, with love.  Now I am filled with the desire to be the absolute best person that I can be.  I’ll never be a perfect person (where’s the fun in that anyway?); What I mean is that I want to be the best me I can be.  

But Kimberly, you’re thinking, I have not been brutally attacked, left at the altar or suffered a great loss recently.  Let me assure you, you have something in common with my collection of warriors.  Each of them was forced to rebuild her life for she could not possibly go back to being the person she was before.  Neither can you.  Do you want to be stronger, better, smarter, more challenged and satisfied, have more fun and in essence be more authentically you?  Then you cannot, either, go back to being the person you were yesterday.

So, who will you become?


The Petite Workshop - $100

Not sure about where a vision for your life will take you, or want to create one on your own terms but need a little guidance?  The Petite Workshop is a one-session option that will give you the tools you need to imagine your ideal life and determine first steps to living it.

What to expect:

A one hour 1:1 session in which you'll learn...

-The process of creating a vision for your life
-How to inspire right-now action from your vision
-Tools for developing your personal brand


The Workshop - $500

The Workshop is a 1:1, 8 week self-development course that will help you live your best life.  Let's define your own rules, determine your goals, and plan your path to getting there.

What to expect:

Weekly 1:1 sessions, reading and writing homework, and personalized feedback on...

-Creating a vision for your life
-Planning a road map for your career, relationships, and wellness
-Better understanding the way you think, feel and act
-Preparing for grief and setbacks
-Developing a personal brand


Accountability 6-Pack - $375

Need something more than 8 weeks?  Let's schedule 6 sessions over three months where we can keep up with your progress on your goals, find ways to overcome road blocks, and keep you focused on where you're headed.

What to expect:

A 1:1 session every two weeks in which we will...

-Discuss progress on your one year goals
-Find ways to overcome roadblocks you may be facing
-Check-in on your career, relationships, and wellness
-Refresh your focus on your long term vision
-Continually grow your personal brand


Warrior Weekend 2017.

We are in the planning stages of a wellness retreat for 2017!  If you'd be interested in joining us, take 30 seconds sign up here:

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