“Kimberly was an instrumental part in the success of our 2012 “Take the Stairs” book launch. She quarterbacked a nationwide tour which included securing a tour bus, securing 22 different venue locations around the country, finding event sponsors, developing all tour marketing and event promotion, and orchestrating it all together with various media appearances and book signings along the way. Results typically speak for themselves and Kimberly’s efforts helped the book hit #1 on the Wall St Journal, Amazon, and USA Today bestsellers list and #2 on The New York Times. The success of the tour and the book also resulted in media appearances on Fox News, CNN, CBS, and several other national publications. Most importantly the tour raised tens of thousands of dollars for America’s high schools. Kimberly has a knack for coordinating many moving parts and a the tremendous attitude it takes to make it fun in the process!”
Rory Vaden, author of Take the Stairs and cofounder of Southwestern Consulting, Nashville

“Kimberly is absolutely amazing! She knows how to listen and organize your ideas to bring your thoughts and passions for social media into a reality. She is very detail-oriented and a fast learner. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious which makes working with her so enjoyable! I am thrilled to continue to grow in business with her.”
Claudia Saez-Fromm, The {New York} Life, NYC

“Working with Kimberly on multiple projects over the past year, I have found her to be extremely detail-oriented and always looking out for the best interest of her clients. She is a pleasure to work with and our projects together have been seamless. Her abilities to juggle all the details and have vision for her clients marketing make her incredible at what she does. Ask any of her clients and you’ll hear the same thing.”
Mark Scrivner, Snapshot Interactive, Nashville

“Professional and creative, Kimberly is a breeze to work with. She is excellent at problem-solving and thinking outside of the box and her attention to detail is refreshing. I look forward to working with her any time!”
Laura Jansen, Red Ribbon Fox Designs, Portland

“Dedication, passion, professionalism are at the cornerstone of every success. Kimberly and her team are that very embodiment.”
Matthew Zachary, StupidCancer.com, New York

“Kimberly is the go-to guru for your event…(She) will execute flawlessly. I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with her on numerous events and each one was a huge success. Without hesitation, you can trust her with your time and money. If you are looking for an organized and well versed planner/stylist, you’ve found your match with Kimberly!”
Terrah Hamilton, Hamilton & Co, Nashville/Memphis

“I so admire Kimberly’s ambition and her work ethic… and that just from knowing her for a short time! People notice the good work Kimberly does, and she makes a wonderful impression on everyone she meets.”
John Flanagan, Performer, New York/L.A.

“Kimberly was my go-to because I knew that she was responsible, trustworthy, and “swanlike” (a term used to describe someone who is able to gracefully float around an event while communicating and completing tasks to keep event on track…can you tell I work at a hotel?) …I’m so happy I had her to count on, because everything went off without a hitch, and I know a good part of it is because of her effortless efficiency, which is exactly what I needed!!
Jennifer Gomez, Morgans Hotel Group, New York

“Kimberly hired me to create a photo backdrop for her fund raising event. I have always known Kimberly to be a very classy and composed individual, and I was not at all surprised to see how well she carried over those qualities into her event planning. She is incredibly personable and approachable, yet somehow managed to nearly single-handedly pull off and event which I’m sure involved a great deal of coordination, time, and dedication. If she was at all stressed about the event, I certainly saw none of it, even as someone who was partially involved in the behind-the-scenes planning process. She is a very gifted promoter and always presents herself and her projects in a professional, creative way.”
Holley Maher, H Maher Creative, Nashville