With passion for development.


With a lifelong passion for helping others to uncover and reach for their best selves, it's no surprise that Kimberly Novosel has come to work in developing people and their businesses. One of the first things she may ask you is, "what are your goals?" both in business and in life, and then she will devise her strategy based on your ideal outcome.  An image creator, writer, and event planner, Kimberly works with personal, entertainment, fitness and lifestyle brands to define their persona and communicate clearly to their audience.

Her fascination with the way both aesthetics and carefully chosen words can communicate so greatly led her to study and then work in entertainment marketing.  After years in PR, promotions, and artist image development for some of the biggest musicians in the country, Kimberly founded KMNcreative (now Elsewhere Entertainment), through which she's worked as brand manager for New York Times Best Selling Author Rory Vaden (Take the Stairs) and coordinated the nationwide speaking tour to accompany the book release, 

developed Claudia Saez-Fromm's lifestyle blog The {New York} Life from its conception, and added to a growing roster names like celebrity trainers Sidney Wilson and Richie Lee, the On Meditation series of films, author/speaker Dustin Hillis, and men's and women's shoes and accessory designer Alejandro Ingelmo.

Described by her clients as swanlike under pressure, a quarterback of many moving parts, and a breeze to work with, Kimberly will bring to life your brand's image using both visuals and vocabulary, online and offline.  Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to develop your personal brand, you'll find Kimberly's talent valuable and her vision refreshing.

Her first book Loved, a novel focusing on self-development, was published in 2012 by Inspivia Books, and her second, a self development book and workbook, is coming soon. 


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