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Spring Cleaning - Group Juice Cleanse

It's time for spring cleaning!

Join us for a one or three day juice cleanse to get your body and mind clear and ready for a new season!  I'll be sharing tips and encouragement before and during the cleanse to keep you feeling energized and motivated.

If you're doing one day, it will be March 25th, or if you're joining me for a 3-day cleanse then your start date will be the 25th.  We're using Blueprint Cleanse juices - a brand I'm familiar with and believe in - plus they're available all over the country!

Join in:

1. Contact me to let me know you're joining us so I can put you on my list!  I'll send you reminders before we start as well as tips on how to prepare and encouragement to keep you motivated!

--- If you're doing 2+ days and you sign up with me by 3/11, I'll get you a discount code!!---

2. Choose your cleanse.  I recommend "Renovation" for beginner cleansers or "Foundation" if this ain't your first rodeo.  The descriptions for each will help you to choose.

3. Order your cleanse.  I suggest having it delivered the day before we start (delivery date: March 24th) so it's fresh and ready for your first morning.  

If you have questions, I'm happy to help answer them.  Blueprint's website is an excellent resource as well.

Let's enjoy this healthy challenge to bettering ourselves!

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