S U N D A Y P A P E R | volume 41

My jet lag has finally faded and I'm back into the swing of things! This week has been one really big reminder to prioritize and simplify, and I'll share with you in the coming days my new "daily to-do list" as well as some priority values I've been chatting with college students about. Speaking of, it may be fifteen years since I started college but I still get that "school shopping" itch every August, and I can feel it coming on. Anyone else...? 


I freeze fruit all the time for smoothies or my banana-ice-cream, but I didn't know till now there was a better way to do it: How to Properly Freeze Fruit for Longer-Lasting Freshness
Most of my freezer space is taken up by frozen bananas, but now I have more ideas with what to do with bananas before I bother to freeze them! 

The Hustle

Did you know the women behind The Skimm are twenty-something powerhouses? I encourage a lot of patience when reaching for goals (you don't have to "have it all" by thirty,) but what an inspiration these women are, though how they figured out how to captivate millions of people every morning has nothing to do with their age. An American blogger in Paris talks about how her newly French life has effected her "hustle" in a post about some great career and life lessons

Borrowed Stories

Julianne Hough is knocking it out of the park with her blog. I especially like this new post on not telling other people's stories, something we are all prone to doing. Beautiful. I challenge you to say "that's not my story to tell" at least twice this week. 


Between Shot Show and sports games, I've developed quite the collection of baseball caps. These gals are inspiring me to wear them to more than just my next trip to the stadium. The term "real women" has been peppering our conversations, especially about TV and film, but what do we really mean when we say that? Ask yourself. Here are 126 looks from couture week in Paris. I was there, yet they missed capturing me in my Carolina K jacket. Surely this story could have been 127 looks... 

Q O T W 

"Sometimes we think mentoring is hard--but it isn't. It's about telling another woman 'I got you." -@soledadobrien