S U N D A Y P A P E R | volume 39

Where have the last few weeks gone?! This festival-goer-slash-jetsetter is glad to be home again for a while. And today is a celebratory day at #teamPMG as our client Jarred Pierce's single It's Going Down hits iTunes! I'm headed to the pool to blast this song for all the neighbors. But first, here's this week's Paper! 


I'm no supermodel, but I am one of those apparently rare gals who isn't made to feel worse at the sight of them in magazines. Why should their brand of beauty make yours any less wonderful? Regardless of your stance on the whole "perfection in print" thing, this article made me all kinds of happy. These women ROCK these bathing suits, and their stories make the whole thing even better: WE TRIED ON VICTORIA'S SECRET BATHING SUITS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED


I'll admit it. I was not a fan of Taylor Swift the country singer. But somehow since the release of her pop album, I have reluctantly but truly become a fan of Taylor Swift the pop singer. Why? Because I like who she is as a WOMAN. She has a group of fierce powerful girlfriends who love on each other. She stays away from drama of all kinds. She has an incredible sense of style (and props to her stylist, too). And she uses her position of power and her words for the good of others (i.e. for the good of other artists in her much-talked-about letter to Apple Music). So as a fan of her positivity, I found this article to be lovely: THE IMPOSSIBLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING TAYLOR SWIFT


I'm growing tomatoes on my balcony, and Nashville is growing its own tomatoes too. Cheers to Kelsea Ballerini on being the first woman to hit number one with her first single in nearly a decade! Here's hoping this ushers in a new wave of women ruling country radio.  BALLERINI'S DEBUT MAKES COUNTRY HISTORY Hungry for more? Kacey Musgraves' sophomore album just came out! PAGEANT MATERIAL 


Everyone everywhere should watch this video. The idea of sexual consent is not complicated, especially not when you think of sex as tea: TEA AND CONSENT


"'I've looked at clouds from both sides now.' -- Joni Mitchell humble-bragging about getting to go on an airplane" -tweet from author Sloane Crosley