S U N D A Y P A P E R | volume 38

Good morning! I'm writing this from my Sunday office - a pool cabana. Come join me? Well, if not at least join me in the reading I'm doing before I swim a few laps. Here's what's tickling my fancy this week. 


Iced coffee might be a year round delight for me, but summer is definitely its season. I love these creative ways to enjoy it, including iced coffee popsicles! Making my own nut milk is something I've wanted to do for a while now, but why spend the time and money when I can buy it for a few bucks? Into the Gloss makes a case for making your own to avoid all of the additives. Challenge accepted! Also, this explains my frequent burger cravings, and may even justify them. Chow on! 


I've already picked my outfits for Bonnaroo, and now I'm considering a lip shade for the weekend.  Maybe dark lips for a little festival edge? I love these shades! Grab some summer beauty inspiration from health mavens Gwyneth and Tracy courtesy of Hamptons Magazine. Seriously, how gorgeous do they both look in those photos?!


This (brilliant) photographer uses images to teach her daughters that strong is better than pretty.   Elizabeth Banks talks about directing Pitch Perfect 2 and its influence, while this director adapts "The Rules" for women in Hollywood.  


"The great stories are not comfortable stories," says Nicole Kidman in this video clip