More or Less

 More sparkle!

More sparkle!

This struck me just last night as I was thinking of what I hope for this year. My mind naturally began thinking of those hopes as a list of mores.  "More sparkle," I thought, as I scrolled past a sparkly jacket on Pinterest.  More focus.  More fun.  More savings.  More baths.  More tea.  There are also, on the flip side, lesses.  Less settling.  Less going half way.  Less taking crap.  Less shoulds.  

Then it began to snowball... More reading magazines!  More time working on the big stuff!  More delegating the details!  More miles run!  More public speaking!  MORE SPA TIME!!!

Such a good time I had thinking of my year in mores and lesses that I pushed today's planned post (on food... more greens and less cheese - ha) till tomorrow so that today you can have a little Saturday fun making your own "more or less" list os intentions.  And yes, I said fun.  Put that first on your list: More fun.

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