L I F E S T Y L E | hello fresh

For the last five months or so I've been getting the Hello Fresh food delivery. You can get a box every week or less often, as you choose, and it comes with the complete ingredients and recipe for three meals. The biggest challenge for me has been having to learn to cook things that aren't plain ole chicken or fish and veggies, or boiling pasta, or throwing some chicken fingers in the oven to put on a salad.  Y'all, when it comes to cooking, there's a whole other world out there! (Who knew!? Not me!)

So I chop and dice and chop some more, which is the bulk of the work. The timing of things I'm pretty good with because I love multi-tasking.  I'm learning what makes a sauce and which flavors work best and why not to leave out certain things... (It happens.)

The majority of the meals have been awesome. Maybe 1 or 2 of the 15 I've tried have been meh, but mostly they're delicious, on the healthier side, and I MADE THEM MYSELF!  I wouldn't say I'm learning to love to cook, but it's still pretty cool that I'm learning to cook.  And even if it isn't easy, Hello Fresh does make it simple.  

Here's a look at what I've made so far. Ingredients on the left, meal on the right:

Look at that last one! I can't believe I made those shrimp stuffed wontons!

I highly recommend trying this service, whether once to test it out, once in a while, or once a week.  Click here to sign up and BONUS! Use my referral code for $40 off your first box: JK5BNY