I N N E R | the ground floor

On the days we're faced with stress or adversity, like a conflict with a close friend or a seemingly unsolvable challenge at work, it helps to go to our ground floor. Sometimes I mean this literally. I had a conversation last week on the phone with a friend in which I had to be really raw and exposed with my feelings, and it helped me to literally get on the floor of my apartment while we talked.  But I also mean not literally - to visit the ground floor of our personalities. 

For me, the ground floor of knowing yourself is being able to define yourself - the way you process things, the way you react to things, your preferences in environment, how you manage relationships, from where you get your energy, what makes you excel, what challenges you. And one of the best tools for doing such a thing is knowing your personality type as defined by Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology. 

Do what now!?

In college I took the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, which was inspired by Jung's theories, and learned which of the 16 unique types I fit into. Throughout the following decade, I have continually reached for information on my type to learn more or remind myself about why I am the way I am. 

The best news of all is, thanks to the internet, you can take a test for free to find out which type you are! There's also plenty of info available on each type from various places like wikipedia (great summary detail) to buzz feed (memes and gifs for fun). I highly suggest you take the time to discover your type and study up on the inner workings of you!