I N N E R | channeling cara

I celebrated Halloween as my favorite supermodel Cara Delevingne. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Any chance to dress up, step outside of yourself, and have a blast doing it is ok in my book! Even though the "look" wasn't too far from my normal style - as in, instead of my Alice in Wonderland dress, or my Marie Antoinette fancies, I was wearing a combination of my own clothes - there was something special about this costume. So what was so different for me about Cara?

It's her attitude. Cara is known for being herself, goofy faces and BACON tattoo included. She does not give one thought to the haters, she loves her friends fiercely, and though she works hard (when does she sleep?!) she has so many tons of fun.

I'm going to channel a little more Cara into my every day life. The eyebrows, definitely, but also the ability to just be so happy being me. 

Thank you, Cara. 

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