You are what you eat... Or if you are like me, what you eat is definitely on what you're wearing.

You are what you eat... Or if you are like me, what you eat is definitely on what you're wearing.

What you eat determines how we feel much more directly than we realize. Sluggish, tired, overfull, cranky, uncomfortable, nervous, energetic, clear-headed, focused, awake... It can all depend on what's on your plate.  After all, food is fuel.  If you put crappy fuel in your car, your car will not run at its best, right?!

The biggest enemy when it comes to eating well is craving.  I don't mean craving like "ohmigosh I really want a chocolate cupcake right now" but rather craving like what you feel like eating.  I have chicken and fish ready to be cooked, fresh veggies, and some quinoa already made up and waiting to be used, and yet most days I feel like eating macaroni and cheese, or a frozen flatbread pizza.

My solution to this, at least a lot of the time (hey no one is perfect), is to have a list of foods I prefer to eat for wellness sake.  In the past I've even written it down and used it both as a shopping list as well as had it on the fridge.  If it's not on that list, then I don't buy it or order it or run to the store to get it in a desperate frenzy.  If I break from the list, it's a conscious choice and I limit how often that happens.  (And when I do, I don't berate myself for it. We all need a chocolate cupcake now and then!) 

What are you ok with eating? What do you wish you wouldn’t put in your body until you’re craving it and you lose your wits? What about portion sizes?  Plan it out. Write it down. Be intentional.

I can't tell you what should be on your list because everyone has different dietary needs.  I respect the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle very much however I am a person who needs meat in my diet, for example.  You may not love brussels sprouts like I do (though seriously, how could you not!?).  If you'd like to see my list you can download it here!

Need some help figuring out what to eat and what not to in order to feel the way you want to feel?  My sister-in-law, Analisa Jahna, N.D., runs Citrine Natural Health.  She can discuss with you what your unique food list might look like for your own optimal wellness and she's very good at it. Read her blog too for all kinds of wellness tips beyond just food. 

Also check out my friend Natalie, a health and body image coach, who shares tons of tips and recipes on her website Beautifully Balanced Diet

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