A D V E N T U R E | travel guide to Paris, part un

“Et si on se promenait à Paris." Translation: And what if we walked around Paris?

Lundi - Je suis arrivé!

I actually slept on the plane, thank goodness, then arrived in the afternoon and navigated myself from the airport to the metro and from the metro station to my friend's flat. I grabbed a rosé and a croque monsoir at the café downstairs and got settled in. 

Mardi - le chemin 

I woke up nervous about being in a place alone with no sense of direction here. There's very little of Paris that I know my way around, and it's been over five years since my last visit. So to ease my fears a little I started my day with what was familiar. I took the metro to Cité (the stop nearest Notre Dame which is right near "point zero," the center of the city) and challenged myself to find my hôtel from last time by memory, which I did! I also got a Starbucks (parce que je suis moi) and felt my confidence becoming more restored. 

From there I set out in search of some of the things on my list that were in the area: Ladurée for macarons and gifts, then lunch at 13 - A Baker's Dozen, which is a tiny little spot hidden off a corridor away from the street that's owned by an expat from South Carolina. I ordered wine ("surprise me" I said and they brought me rosé - so they're mind readers) and the chicken and mushroom pie. When the plate arrived it smelled so good I legitimately almost cried. Laurel, the owner, came to sit and chat with me and made me eat with my hands (something I don't usually prefer to do) so that I could break off pieces of the pie crust and dip it in the filling. Somehow it tasted even better that way!

(Want to see all the pics? Wait till the end of the post!) 

I walked off my lunch along the Seine, observing the house boats and dreaming of living on one while I looked for a little hidden motorcycle garage I had heard about. I found the door, but alas it was closed at the moment. My walk continued on to La Tour Eiffel and des Invalides before I called it a day. 

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