A D V E N T U R E | 24 hours in atlanta

Despite being serious planners, sometimes LB (bestie and business partner) and I like to follow our whims. Earlier this week my friend Eryn posted about a ladies motorcycle night in Atlanta, and being moto-curious myself I sent the info on to LB. "I'm looking at hotels right now," she replied. And so a few days later we were off on a 24 hour jaunt to the home of the Braves. 

If you're in the South, chances are you're only a few hours from Atlanta. Here's a rundown of what to see, do, and eat on a short getaway!


Most of the market is still to be opened, but it's a beautiful space and I can't wait to see it come together! West Elm and Madewell are among the stores to open.


One of my favorite restaurants in the country, Two Urban Licks never disappoints. Tucked into an old warehouse, the space is beautiful, the servers are the friendliest, and the food is unbelievable. This time, the baked oysters were the highlight of our full table!


Since I'd eaten so much at Two Urban Licks, I didn't get to try the tacos, but the organic margarita was scrumptious and the patio with ivy covered muraled walls is so pretty. The hip neighborhood makes it fun to meet people here, too!


The hosts of Lady Fingers' soiree, Brother Moto is definitely not just for the boys. The ladies took over for the night by spray painting the "moto curious" wall pink, served PBR and wine, and played some killer records (including a personal childhood fave, Leader of the Pack). I look forward to being a long-distance member of this awesome community of people! 


A morning stop at Octane Coffee is a must. Grab a pastry from The Little Tart, like the super flaky ham and cheese croissant, and sip some truly yummy coffee (iced for me, of course). Bonus? Unlike some of our trendy coffee shops in Nashville, here you'll fit in even if you aren't in hipster gear and the prices aren't at hipster levels either. 


A local market in what appears to be a very active neighborhood! We saw cyclists and runners galore. Some cool looking restaurants border a market space with things like beer, chocolate made on site, soaps, and the like. 


I have to give a shout out to my friends at So Worth Loving. We got to stop by their showroom for a little tour and picked up a tank for myself and a tee for my dude. You can - and should - shop them online