Trail Running Basics and Other Outdoor School Things

REI, otherwise known as my happy place, does this amazing thing where they offer classes for free. I've taken several of them, most recently Trail Running Basics, which was both a great source of information and a confidence booster (trail running seemed scary, okay?), and not at all a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. If you're interested in camping, backpacking, or trail running and are not totally sure where to start, check out these upcoming free classes hosted by the Brentwood (Nashville area) REI, or check your local REI store's calendar as well! 

Trail Running Basics

Women's Backpacking Basics

Women's Camping Basics

I'm out on my #runridehike adventure now and I can't wait to recap all of it for you! For now, keep up with the day to day on the road/bike/trail on my instagram story. 

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