Touch the Mountain

Last month, I went wild. As in, packed into a backpack all the things I needed to live for three days and set out into the wilderness. I've read some books about the trails out west and even took a class at REI about backpacking the PCT, but have never done so much as more than camping. Suffice to say I was as prepared as one can be for a first-timer. You can only learn so much before you just get out there and DO. 

Day one was the hardest. The hardest day of the trip, yes, but possibly also the hardest day of my life. The 30 pounds on my back only made the steep trail overgrown with head-high brush, the glaring sun, and the swarm of flies that much more grueling. Not to mention that one wrong step could literally cause me to fall off the mountain. 

It took all I could to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, often counting to ten over and over again, or singing Patty Griffin songs to myself. In "Time Will Do the Talking," there's a line that goes, "there are those who like to look and those who ain't afraid to touch." As I sang it through for the third time or so, I thought, "Yes! Here I am, touching the mountain."

There are those who like to look and those who ain't afraid to touch. 

Be the person who isn't afraid to go touch the mountain. 

Here's a look at some of my favorite pictures from the trip! 

Kimberly NovoselComment