Lake Barkley: End of Year Reflection

I love the line between the old and the new, so much so that New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday. This time of year, without fail, I begin to crave reflection. What did I love about the past eleven months? What did I learn? What did I accomplish that I'd hoped to? What is still on the list? And with reflection comes looking forward as well. What do I hope to achieve next year? What actions will I take to make it happen? What will I let go of? Where will I go? What will I create? 

It's easiest to focus on answering such thoughtful questions when not distracted by the to do, to clean, to call lists that we live with every day, so an escape is necessary. Last weekend I headed up to Lake Barkley for about 48 hours, but you don't even have to travel. Consider an afternoon at a coffee shop you don't normally hang out in, sans laptop, as a simpler option. Here are some questions to answer during your escape:

  • What will my life look like in one year? (Describe one ideal day in as much detail as possible.) Follow your description by listing goal-related things that jump out at you from what you've written, like waking up earlier, having a new project at work or a new job or career, living somewhere different, buying a home, mid-day workouts, growing vegetables, etc. 
  • Where will I travel? 
  • What are the big things I will accomplish? 
  • What are the small daily habits I will master?
  • What will I learn more about or learn how to do? 
  • Come up with any other list categories that suit you, maybe people to know, or events to attend, or things to save money for.

Let me know what you learn about yourself! Does anything come up that surprises you? What's your biggest goal? 

Here are some pics from my time away at the lake. Happy reflecting!