S U N D A Y P A P E R | Vol. 43

Happy 2016, lovely readers! If you've been missing my posts then hop on over to 12th & Broad where I've been writing a weekly column titled Bring Your Brave, all about exploring the entrepreneur life as it applies to anyone who wants to live their best life. But even having spent more of my time there lately, I've missed my Sunday Papers. So here's a fresh one for you to start out the year. Enjoy, and cheers to an amazing 2016! 


This. Is. Incredible. If 2016 looks anything like this, we're in for an empowering year yet. Keep spreading the messages. Ask her more. Tell her she's smart before you tell her she's pretty. Use "like a girl" as a compliment. Raise 'em up. This is real life, and the last one, well, oldest is wisest. 


Do you recall the author Augusten Burroughs? He wrote a few over the last decade plus that I'm sure you've heard of: Holidays on Ice and Running with Scissors to name a few. Well, he's back this Spring (March 29th) with a new memoir that will surely be full of his darkly hilarious and deeply true observations. There is no website with more drool-worthy pictures then The Coveteur, and no closet more decadent than Rosie Huntington Whiteley's. The Isabel Marant booties! The vintage robe! THE BALMAIN JACKETS! The Story // Behind the Scenes


I celebrated New Year's Eve on my own, and no, I did not drink the entire bottle of champagne. Most of it is slowly going flat in my refrigerator, but thanks to Food52 I can use it up in any - or all, resolutions be damned - of these delicious recipes. How about bottles of wine you were gifted over the holidays? Here are 5 ways to put cheap wine to use


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