My Sunday Paper - Volume 36

Before February is up, let's celebrate all things sweet with a love themed Sunday Paper! Don't worry, I'll hold the sap and stick with stuff like sugar and science and sweat.  That sentence was unintentionally brought to you by the letter S.  There's one S word I'm super over and it's SNOW.  Bring out the sunshine! Ok, I'm getting carried away now. Here's this week's Paper...

Let's Fall in Love

If personalities and communication and stuff interests you, you'll love this. Fall in love with anyone (or at least have a more riveting conversation) with this experiment. Note that there's a link to the questions if you want to try this out! Lay on the sugar with your sweetheart (or someone you've got your eye on) with these 17 secrets of highly effective flirts. Or just bake them this recipe...

Gimme Some Cookies 

You better believe these are on my recipe radar: dark chocolate chunk (yes), pistachio (yes), and sea salt (and yes) cookies.  Combat the cookies by tacking this two minute ab routine onto the end of your workouts. 

Pop the Question

I am ALL ABOUT the #askhermore campaign, suggesting that reporters should be asking more thoughtful questions of women than "who are you wearing?"  I won't say I think that question should be banned (we still care about style!) but we also care about much, much more than that. Read about the campaign here, and watch the Oscars tonight to see if the reporters step up their game. And if they don't, you can be sure the women will be reacting like this


"When I was nominated all the others (men) in my category were quoted in @nytimes about their films-me about my dress." -A tweet from filmmaker Lucy Walker.


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