Grilled Blackberry Jam and Goat Cheese Sandwich


Recently I vowed to be more adventurous in the kitchen. As you well know, cooking is something I don't prefer to spend much time on. But in an attempt to break out of the limits of my usual few meals, I'm learning a few tricks and swapping ingredients. Here's one I just learned that is super simple and a total win! 

The usual: One of my favorite winter treats is a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe with some soup.

The new version: Instead of regular cheeses, maybe with some ham or turkey, I've swapped in goat cheese and local blackberry jam.

I don't know how other people make grilled cheese sandwiches and if my way is weird. So warning, my way might be weird. I discovered this after being so frustrated by the process of spreading refrigerated butter on bread. Here's how I do it!

You need:

crumbled goat cheese
bread - I love grainy breads like 15 grain bread from 
jam - local if you can! I use blackberry, my favorite

Make it:

Cut 1/4 tbsp of butter and melt it in your little pan on the stove. While it's melting, spread jam on one slice of bread. Set the other slice of bread on the butter till it absorbs pretty evenly and then set aside. Melt a second 1/4 tbsp of butter in the pan and set your jammed slice of bread on it, letting it absorb pretty evenly. Add the goat cheese to the jammed piece of bread in the pan, and put your other slice of bread (butter side up) on top. Once that side is grilled, flip! Then cut and serve.

Bonus tip: Beware of multitasking while making grilled cheese. I've burned a few by getting lost in answering emails...