My Sunday Paper - Volume 35

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I made the mistake of going to bed early last night and now I've been up since 2:30am. So later today, you'll find me napping. Le sigh. Or more like le yawn. I had a lot of fun putting this week's Paper together, and I even added a new feature below that you'll be seeing each week. Enjoy! 

Is 5:00 am too early for coffee...? 

So Worth Loving

Eryn Eddy from spoke recently at Atlanta's Creative Mornings on the truth of "ugly." You can - and should - watch the video here, and stick around for the Q&A. I adore this little pixie of inspiration! And while you're at at, get one of their shirts like this one or this one

This is Home

I don't know for how long I've missed this, but Zara Home is a thing that exists. Also, I was at an artist studio open house this past week and one of the displays was by potter Morgan Williamson of Handmade Studio TN.  Her stuff is gorgeous!  I said to her, "I have Ikea plates at home," and she said to me, "I'm sorry." I've vowed to budget for new plates from her soon. Major upgrade. 

At the Movies

A prevailer of the weekday movie sneak-away, this is by far my favorite article I've read this week. One witty New York Times writer spends two whole days at the movies, in different theaters in New York, and lived to tell about it in a super charming read. By the way, for the second year in a row, "a movie with a female leads tops the box office!" (Exclamation point mine.)

In Five Words or Less

Just five words may change your weekend: gluten free red velvet waffles. Or these five words: 100 Song 90's Dance Party. Then recover on Monday with these five words: ten easy ways to detox


This is a new Sunday Paper feature! Right between the stories and the pictures, I'll be sharing a quote that really inspires me for the week, and I'll strive to choose quotes you have never heard before. Here's the first:

“I do think dressing up can be an act of graciousness and respect not only to yourself but to other human beings with whom you interact.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Writer. This is why I never look sloppy at the airport. 


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