P A R I S | a few words

The Paris attacks earlier this month have had an impact on the world. I didn't plan to write about it because, well, a few reasons. One being, I don't have to say something about everything. Also, so many of us have a special love for the City of Light, so I'm not unique in my passion for Paris. And of course, Paris isn't the only city hurting right now in the world. It's not only about Paris. There are plenty of words out there about this.

So I'll give you the other reason that this tragedy has had such an impact on me, especially what happened at the Bataclan. This is my life. I manage artists. I plan and organize and go to concerts for a living. It could have been one of my artists. It could have been any or many of my friends. It could have been me. The music industry, we're family. Music fans are the reason I get to do what I do, and I'm one of them too. 

In this interview, the band Eagles of Death Metal say it perfectly. I'll be thinking of their words especially this week as I spend thanksgiving with people I love and am so grateful for. 

"I have a house that is paid for because rock and roll has blessed me and has been very good to me. I have been blessed with beautiful friends. I feel like I have a life of blessings... I want to spend my life smiling with my friends and entertaining them... "

"I cannot wait to get back to Paris... I want to be the first band to play in the Bataclan when it opens back up, because I was there when it went silent for a minute. Our friends went there to see rock and roll and died. I'm going to go back there and live."

You can, and should, watch the whole interview right here:

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