I N N E R | Between the Lines

I've been watching Parenthood on Netflix over the last couple of months. I'm actually watching it the second time through right now; It's a habit of mine to repeat and study books or shows or movies I like most.

There are a lot of things about Parenthood that I love, but none more powerful than the moments between the words. The silence is more moving than anything else. When Julia and Zoe see each other through the nursery window, Julia arriving to take her adopted son home and Zoe, the birth mother, holding the baby that she's decided to keep. They see each other and in that moment both of their hearts break. (I'm crying as I write this.) When Haddie leaves for college and walks away from her parents like it's no biggie, and then comes back to them crying and they all hug. When Kristina, eyes wet and puffy but face determined, takes a razor to her head to shave off the hair that chemo is beginning to claim. No words are needed. 

I cry almost at every episode because it's so real. The love, the arguments, the pain, the challenges, this show captures the human experience in such a beautiful and fulfilling way. 

That's where life happens. The moments that mean the most are in the silences. That is where we live. It's where we love, it's where we hurt, it's where we heal, it's where change happens. Watching someone you love do what they do best, pride in your eyes. Holding the hand of someone who needs comforted. A long hug with a friend you haven't seen in some time. Laughing so hard you can't breathe. Pulling my chair closer to yours.

Fall is the perfect time to become more aware of what's happening in the silences in your life, the change that's surrounding you. There aren't words for those kind of things anyway. 

Kimberly NovoselComment