S U N D A Y P A P E R | Volume 42

All things fall are upon us, and for probably the first year ever I hung on to the last rays of summer sun like crazy, and am now mourning the end of pool days. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited for fall evenings on my balcony, golden-light walks, leaves, sweaters... sighhhh. Come over  with a bottle of wine and we can sit outside with blankets and chat, k? For now, here's a new Sunday Paper! 

Hustle en Fran├žais

I love, love, love - we're talking amour here mes amis - this post from my twitter pal Stephanie on what she learned about the feminine hustle after she moved from the US to France. We American-Type-A-ers have something to learn from the French. French Principles to the Feminine Hustle 


Forget Spring cleaning! Fall is a great time to cozy up your home. These picks from H&M will prettify your space while keeping you on budget. When it comes to the kitchen, you're all too aware of how I prefer the simplest meals. This new miracle of an appliance could change my life. Consider it #1 on my Christmas list. (Hint, hint, mom!) 


This list of 16 terrible things that could happen at a networking event is laugh-out-loud funny and all too true. Case in point?  "You will order coffee, and they will order a chai tea latte or worse, a passion fruit iced tea. They will lose your respect immediately." By the way, here is another Levo list that is equally brilliant. I don't actually get this "taboo" question a lot but I do wish people approached me with more intelligent questions, and I could benefit from having these in my arsenal as well. Take note: 19 Things I Wish People Would Ask Me Other Than "Who Are You Dating" #askhermore 


Even my indoors-oriented friends might come camping with me if I promise them a three course meal. This gourmet spread can be prepared using only a cast-iron skillet and a camping stove. If this could work in a cooler, you can use this tip to chill your wine in 7 minutes while camping. Or just use it at home.