G I R L B O S S | My Monday Morning Musts

I'm not a Monday morning moaner and groaner. I love any reason for a fresh start. The first of the month each month excites me, and New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays. So when it comes to Monday morning each week, I'm ready to rock...ish. Here's what helps get me there!

My Sleep Tracker

I use the sleep tracker on my phone so that each morning I can compare how I slept according to the app to how I feel. It also wakes me up gently with music so there's no loud noise jolting me from a deep sleep. It's a better, healthier way to start the day! 

Wearable Motivation

I throw on one of my tanks from good hYOUman ("My life story will be a good one") or So Worth Loving ("Free to be") so I can wear a positive message all day long! 

Good Music

Most days I work in quiet but on Mondays I put on a couple of artists I'm digging right now and check out some of their tunes I don't know yet. I've seen Lucie Silvas live but hadn't listened through her new record yet, so that's what I've got on today. 

My Planner

I would like to make better use of my electronic calendars but even if that miracle happens, I'll still carry my paper planner with me all the time. On Mondays I flip through the week to see what's on deck, where I'll need to rest, or if I have some open time that could be put to good use.

I also can see where my work outs will fit in. I prefer mid-day but if I have a packed day I'll know that needs to be a rest day or to fit my sweat sesh in earlier or later. Being intentional about this helps prevent the "I don't feel like its." 

To-Do Lists

My to do list is ongoing. There's always more on it than I actually finish in a week, not because I am procrastinating but because a lot of the projects I'm working on are long-term. On Mondays I rewrite my to-do list for the week (yes, on paper), leaving off what I checked off and adding anything new. 

Iced Coffee

Duh. Tweet to me this week @kimberlynovosel with your favorite morning must and I'll pick someone on Friday to get a $5 Starbucks gift card and a little love note in the mail!