One of many, many images I've pinned as inspiration for The House.

One of many, many images I've pinned as inspiration for The House.

We're a week into our 30 ways in 30 days to make 2015 your best year yet, and today's challenge is a fun one!  Spend some time thinking beyond 2015.  What do you want to accomplish that just may not be on the docket for this year?  Having those things in mind, on your inspiration boards, or in your written vision will remind you what it is that you can accomplish this year, that will put bricks in the path leading you to that next place.

Here's one of mine!  I decided to build a house.  No, the small savings I have isn't quite enough even to buy a piece of furniture for said house, so this isn't something I expect to happen this year.  But let's say that I think I could possibly build this house in 2017, then I can spend the next two years saving diligently, being proactive about my income, and dreaming of what this house may shape up to be like.  Wood floors, white marble and concrete countertops, a loft office space, industrial windows, a fireplace.  Letting this house take shape in my mind has already changed the course of the first week of 2015 for me: setting specific savings goals, being open to tracking real estate trends, and continuing to be motivated to do my very best at work.  I even gave myself a little downtime to be creative and sketch out a floor plan.

What will your "house" be?  A trip to Europe, perhaps?  Seeing your budding career reach a certain dreamy height?  Starting a family?  Founding a nonprofit?  Complete an ironman competition? Make that image as detailed and as enticing as possible, and then set some specific goals for this year that will lead you closer to accomplishing that thing when the time is right.

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