You may remember a while back that we discussed the truth of building good habits.  It’s not 21 days like some say, but rather 66 days that it takes to truly create a habit. There were a few things I set out to do for 66 days: workout every day - even if just 20 minutes of yoga at home, check my bank balance, write down what I ate, and drink 5 glasses of water, and following those days I did those things for nearly a year!  

With the clean slate of a new year - and a new planner - I’ve set out to pick those habits back up again.  I'm encouraging you to do the same!  Choose whatever goals you'd like.  Use your planner or a designated notebook to track each of those goals every day for 66 days, and the rest of your year will be a breeze!

March 14 is 66 days from today.  I'll be checking in with you from time to time and again on the 14th to see if you made it 66 days to creating good habits.  What will your goals be?  Share in the comments below or on social media!

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