Goodbye, January

Y'all forgive me. I've been sick this week so I fell behind in posting. However I have a doozy for today and it's perfect for a Saturday! (By the way, how do you like the new site?!)

I don't know about you but I am ready to say goodbye to January.  I get the winter blues hard-core which makes me all hibernatey (yep, made that up), and then I got sick. So many blahs! But that's fine because I was able to rest and recharge and I'm really ready to jump into getting active - at work, at being social, at training for a half marathon (!), and at pretty much just loving every day out of life. 

Let's wrap up the month, shall we?!


What's up with your healthcare?  Which appointments need scheduled and for what time of year?  Get those on the books.  Maybe review your insurance and make sure the plan is everything you need it to be without paying too much.  Is there any kind of preventative care you could be doing?  I love seeing the dermatologist every year to get any new freckles looked at.  And when's the last time you had your teeth cleaned?  Or ordered fresh contact lenses?  Get it together!


Declutter!  If you haven't already purged your closet, now's the time.  Take an hour or two to do the cleaning you usually skip - baseboards, ceiling fans, etc.  Run to Target and get a fresh shower curtain.  Wash your pillows. (Yes, that's a thing.)  Sort papers, receipts, magazines, mail... those things that pile up in corners and on tables.  Get rid of what you don't need.  Find a home for what you do need.


Declutter your computer and phone too!  No one uses ALL those apps.  Sort files, delete what you don't need, makes sure everything is synced and backed up.  If you keep a back up phone like I do, set a reminder to charge it once a month so it doesn't lose all its juice. 


Don't have something you give your heart to?  Look into what's happening in the community this year or this season and set aside some time to give.  My friend Lindsay and I are looking into being running buddies for Girls On The Run, which means we would run alongside an elementary school girl in a 5K.  Teaching girls confidence through activity? I'm in! 

Thanks for keeping up with my 30 ways in 30 days to have your best year ever!  If you missed any, take some time today to flip through my recent posts and compete some of the challenges.

I can't wait to share with you what's coming up this Spring!  First up, My Sunday Paper returns tomorrow!   

As always, #bringyourbrave.

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