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 JLo leaving Tracy Anderson's studio. May we all look like this (or feel like we do) at forty and beyond. 

JLo leaving Tracy Anderson's studio. May we all look like this (or feel like we do) at forty and beyond. 

You invest money in various stocks and funds and accounts so that later on in life, you'll have more money. You invest in your career by working hard so that later on you'll have a better position or a higher salary. You invest in relationships by communicating, being open, and spending time and energy to strengthen connections. But when it comes to fitness, food, and beauty, how focused are you on investing? 

Most of the time we eat well, work out, and wash makeup off our faces for the now, am I right? We want to look blemish free this week, fit in our jeans all month, and toned in our tank tops this summer. But what about beyond that? If you're like me, you don't put much thought into how the greens verses panini choice you make at lunch will affect you in ten years. Or how putting moisturizer on every day instead of a couple of days a week may affect your skin in fifteen. Or how going the extra mile (literally) will affect your heart health in twenty years.

That's today's challenge. Remain motivated by what you want now, but also consider decisions you can make now that will greater improve how you look and feel throughout your entire life. Get facials and massages. Remain active. Limit how long you're sitting at a desk or staring at screens. Stick to your workouts and workout hard enough to sweat and get your heart and lungs working. Moisturize. Be gentle to your eyes and the skin around them. No tannings beds ever, ever, ever, not even once. Have your teeth cleaned. See OBGYNs and Dermatologists annually. Eat greens and other superfoods. Drink tea. Limit processed foods, chemicals, GMOs, sodas, fake sugars or too much of any sugar, salt, alcohol, and food/drinks in plastics. Stretch. Sleep. Stretch more. Sleep more. 

You will look better, feel better, and fight disease better.

Oh, and one more thing. Laugh. Laugh a lot. Because if you are going to get wrinkles (and no matter what, you will), laugh lines are definitely the ones to have. 

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