a moment, a day, a week

I took a few days off from blogging this week because I'm traveling for a work convention and I have seriously not had the time.  Tonight after getting back to the hotel after 6pm (I had left around 7am), I got lo mien takeout and a glass of wine, put my jammies on, and I'm catching up on work while watching (listening to as background noise) NCIS. Yes, I'm still working.  But for me, catching up on things I need to do and not falling behind is self care.  And don't worry, I'll put the laptop away soon enough.  

In light of all that, today you're getting 3 tips in one post so we all stay on track for our 30 ways in 30 days... all along the lines of self care!

1. A moment a day.

 List 5 things that you love to do that you consider self care.  Think about when you're overwhelmed or need rest or to step away or to turn off. your mind.  Running or other workouts CAN be self care when it's what you need to step away from a busy work week or dishes, or those things can't be self-care when they are another to-do item on your busy list.  (Still good for you, yes, but not the same kind of self care.)  Lately I've been on a kick of making tea at night.  I sometimes only drink half the cup, but the process of making the tea and those first few sips is all I need for a big AHHHHHHH.  Maybe you love taking baths, or watching a few episodes of Modern Family, or flipping through the magazines that come in the mail that stack up unopened.  

Once you've made your list, use it by doing any one of those things every single day.  Even a moment of peace or inspiration can change your whole mood or outlook. I came up with 6:

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Legs up the wall, with or without reading
  • Put things away around the house
  • Go for a short run
  • Lay on the floor and listen to music (this I haven't done in way too long!)
  • Putting on coconut oil after a shower

2. Create a new ritual for yourself.  

I love rituals.  For someone who has a malleable schedule, I still quite appreciate when the same thing happens in the same way sometimes.  Like going to the movies and always getting popcorn and peanut M&Ms.  That soothes me.  There was a time that I was buying the New York Times on Sundays and flipping through it while drinking coffee and eating a chocolate croissant.  I'd love to get back to something like this, but one of my goals is to read more in ways that aid my work.  I may decide to buy a new magazine every week (one I don't normally read) and read through it.  I also am training for a (or possibly two) half marathons this year and am eager to get back to the long weekend run I was doing this past fall.  What might you try out once during your week that you can come back to again and again as kind of a touchstone?

3. Know yourself better. 

The Myers-Briggs test is a way to hone in on intricacies in your personality.  I highly recommend taking the test and spending some time reading about your results.  A friend sent me a document on my type that's seriously over 100 pages long, and I was reading some of it on the plane here.  There's always more to learn.  Find out what your type is and what that means, and then continue to learn more and more about yourself in this way - in what situations do you function most highly, what fuels your romantic relationships, what are your tendencies and challenges in social situations, how are you perceived by others?  Wikipedia is a good basic source for learning the basics about each type, and buzzfeed has lists that will help you laugh at yourself (Here's the one they did for my type - INTJ.)  Understanding yourself can lead to great strength and joy! 

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