An Education

I've often said, in my later 20's and now 30's, that if I had to do college all over again there are a few things I would do differently.  The main thing is that I would have studied more purposefully.  I got fine grades and all that, but at the time that was the goal.  To get the fine grade.  So I studied and did my homework and took the test and then immediately forgot pretty much everything I'd learned.  I rushed my way through school in such a way that I don't remember most of my professors or classrooms, let alone the material.  I was talking with my intern the other day about her micro and macro economics classes, which I also took.  Ask me now to define those words.  Actually, please don't. I'm embarrassed to have barely a vague notion what each of those concepts is all about.

But I've grown to appreciate learning in such a way that I want to know things that have no other useful purpose in my life.  I love language and I'm grateful that I did learn and do recall how to speak/read/write French.  I also want to learn Italian and other languages.  I looooove books - especially women's stories (true and fictional). I read about old Hollywood and journalism and wellness and then more about women.  Every now and then - and I wish more often - I pick up a newspaper.  

Boy, I wish I had thought of this sooner.

That's your challenge for today, and for this year, and beyond that.  Learning never stops.  It doesn't have to be in books, either.  It can be in conversation or experience or travel.  Go to museums.  Meet new people and bravely dive into conversations deeper than small talk.  Book a trip to somewhere you've never been that maybe you never even thought to go.  Take a cooking class, or a forensics class, or go to a film you would normally not choose to see. Step out of your comfort zone. One of my goals this year is to read more (articles, etc., not just books) that are related to my work, but also to learn things about things I never thought to learn about.  

Start a list, and consider it unfinished!

If you are a reader of books, here are 26 that are considered "Fiction for Feminists" to add to your growing list.

What I'm reading right now: A Curious Career by Lynn Barber

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