The Cool Kids

 We were only freshmen.

We were only freshmen.

I was laying awake the other night at 4-something in the morning, thinking about confidence and its value. And that lead me to ponder how confidence has absolutely nothing to do with the people who think I'm cool (hi mom!) and the people who don't (see left: my entire high school class) and how the key to confidence lives right there in that truth somewhere. Confidence, actually, does come from within. Based on these musings, this is how I would define pure self-confidence:

I don't care if you like me. I like me.

Or you can alter this statement any number of ways. I don't care if you think I'm beautiful. I think I'm beautiful. I don't care if you think I'm interesting. I think I'm interesting. To take that even one step further, one should say, "I don't NEED you to think I'm beautiful," or, "I don't EXPECT you to think I'm interesting."  It's not anyone else's responsibility to understand or appreciate your unique brand of awesome. It's yours.  

I don't blog with the expectation that 100,000 of you will find my words truly riveting. But I have something to say that I believe in and so I say it, and maybe - hopefully - it inspires someone.  Many days I think only my mom reads these. (Thanks mom!) 

Practice this. Remember that when you share something with the world, be it on Instagram or in a conversation with friends, what you wear to a party or what kind of workouts you do, to do what you like because you like it.  Forget the cool kids. Say what you want to say. Wear what you want to wear. Choose what you want to choose. Be who you want to be. And if you like you, you have it all. 

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