What's behind the choices you make? 

What's behind the choices you make? 

Every choice you make in life, from where you work to what you eat to who you love, should support a mission.  They can be various, of course, choosing to eat well may stem from a different mission than what relationships you choose to nurture, though each of us has a personal mission that kind of umbrellas over all of them.

Your challenge for today is to define in one statement what that big, huge, possibly scary but totally magical and amazing personal mission is for you.  Here's how!

Start by considering the different areas of your life and the kind of ideal choices you make in relation to each.  By "ideal" I mean your ideal!  Not your boss's or your trainer's or your parents' or society's.

Romantic Relationships
Feel free to add your own to this!

So for instance, in romantic relationships we all look for something different.  Some people like to be nurtured, some put a strong emphasis on laughter.  What most feeds me in a romantic relationship is intelligence.  I read one of those meme things the other day that said, "She can't love a man she can't learn from."  That's me, there's my mission in love: to learn about the world and myself from this other person's experience, knowledge, and point of view.  Boom!

Contrarily when it comes to friendships I most value being inspired.  It's my friends who wow me every single day with the things they accomplish and the strong women they are.  I once described this as "strength of character" when asked what my is favorite quality in a friend. 

Make your own list!  Then, looking at this beautiful list of personal missions, what root do they appear to stem from?  What might they all have in common?  Do you seek comfort, growth, adventure, challenge, service, support, peace, a voice, in multiple places?  Once you identify your personal mission, you can make decisions the other way around, by letting your mission trickle down into all areas of your life.

I'd love to hear what you come up with!  Share in the comments below or on social media using #bringyourbrave!  

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