The Smaller Why

I'll be honest with you. I've really struggled these past couple of weeks to work out at my usual pace.  Or much at all.  It could be the winter blues, which hit me hard every year.  It could be the need for rest due to a usually high pace of activity on the bike/mat/trail and in life.  It could be a lack of "why."  You see, I don't have resolutions. I haven't vowed to work out more or lose 10 pounds or... what else do people resolve?  

Anyway, my intentions this year are the same as always: remain active in a way that challenges me, drink so much water, work hard to grow my business, travel to new places, save money, have fun.  So January alone has held no particular motivation for me.  "New year, new you!" No thanks.

But I don't want to be less active.  Laying around eating grilled cheese (again) yesterday and watching season 10 of Grey's Anatomy (I started at season 1 embarrassingly recently), I thought, "ENOUGH OF THIS! What's missing here?"  

I can't blame the cold weather for keeping me from running.  We all know I can run in the cold.  We can't blame my new neighborhood on not being near my yoga studio - they opened a branch here.  Plus if all else fails my building has a gym, for cryin' out loud.  I'm missing my WHY.  

I have the big WHY.  I love working out (most of the time.)  I take pleasure in being fit.  It gives me more energy, helps me sleep better, and just makes me happy.  That hasn't changed.  Why workout in the large sense still remains a strong motivator.  But the smaller why, why work out TODAY, was missing.

I'm tired. It's gray out. I have work to do. The dishes need put away. I want to watch this show. I'll go tomorrow or the next day or, like, soon. What's the difference?

Are you tracking with me?  Does this sound familiar?  

So I gave myself a smaller WHY.  I put the date on my calendar for one of my favorite social events of the spring.  I started looking at cocktail dresses.  Then I thought of other things happening before then that I want to feel fit and strong and energetic for.  A convention for work in which I have to be on my feet and conversational for 5 days.  A cocktail party where I always run into people I know and admire.  No, they don't care how I look.  But I care how I feel.  And I want to show up to these things feeling my strong, glowy, confident self, yes?

This was long-winded today but I hope you've caught my point.  Give yourself smaller WHYs.  For anything.  You want to save $10,000 to put toward a house, but why save $500 of that this month?  You hope to grow your business to handle two more clients, but why streamline your systems this quarter?  Give yourself a why and jump into living the life you imagine for later, today.

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