So Many Things

Sunday is often my favorite day of the week. I just woke up and checked my planner to find nothing penciled in my calendar!  I get to pick up around the apartment, maybe run an errand or two, or grab coffee or groceries, watch Grey's Anatomy reruns, answer a few emails at my leisure, and take a little time to plan!  Today I'm going back to an exercise I didn't finish yet, the I Want List. 

The rules are simple: List 100 things you want. This isn't an entirely selfish list, for among those cute booties at BCBG and to make twice as much money this year, you may also list things like, to make your friends laugh, your significant other feel supported, or world peace.

This list is a look into all the things that enter your mind.  It's a way to sort through all the mess of things we think each day, things we desire, things we hope for, and make some sense of it.  Once your list is done, you should be able to mark the things that are highest priority to you (and they won't necessarily be the things you wrote first).  

You can also identify the things you may need to voice to someone else.  Maybe they need to know how you feel (I want you to be happy!) or maybe they need to help you with what you're trying to achieve.  Challenge your best friend or significant other to make their own list, and then share with each other.  The power of two people is much greater than one!

I'll check in later this week and share some of mine with you. Hold me to it!

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