Mirror, Mirror

 A look that suits my personality as well as my role as a music business professional. See more of  my favorite styles !

A look that suits my personality as well as my role as a music business professional. See more of my favorite styles!

Yep. Sorry ‘bout it, but what you wear MATTERS. No, you don’t have to shop for a whole new closet of stuff. And you don't have to be someone your not. This, like many of the things we discuss here, is just another way to represent your very best self.  And it's an important one in that if you aren't projecting an authentic and strong image of who you want people to know, then you can cause all kinds of confusion and missed opportunities. 

Case in point:

30-something executive of a small advertising firm wears dress pants and pilled sweater sets, thinking she's putting her most "professional" foot forward.


30-something executive of a small marketing firm wears dark skinny jeans and a well tailored suit jacket, knowing that she's comfortable but still appropriately polished for her position.

The second one, right?  Here there are three things to note: First is that FIT matters.  More than anything.  Buy the $20 suit jacket at H&M and than have it tailored so the sleeves aren't too long. Second, quality is key.  And quality doesn't have to mean the Louboutins over the Aldo pumps.  I mean don't wear things that are pilled, stretched out, or faded.  Third and most importantly, the first woman was wearing what she thought was expected of her. She probably gets home and the end of the day and changes into something that feels more "her" before meeting girlfriends for drinks.  The second woman is still dressed professioanlly in a way that suits her career as well as herself.

I'm not just talking about work, either.  Examine the 5 outfits or 10 pieces you wear most often or like best. What draws you to each? Chances are these pieces are the most accurate representation of yourself, if you gravitate toward them. If you're looking at something now and thinking, "but, WHY?!" then maybe you're on the wrong track.  If your 5-10 looks are on point, use those items to gauge the rest of your wardrobe.  What stays and what goes?  What should you shop for more of?  Clean it out!  Make a list!  And when it comes to inspiration, take to Pinterest!

*As for that pilled sweater, if you really love it, fix it with this wardrobe hack.

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