My Sunday Paper - Volume 33

Little Toy Guns

You guys, I didn't even know this was coming and BANG, Carrie Underwood has a new video and single out. Watch Little Toy Guns here! Speaking of Ms. Underwood, listen for her new theme before tonight's Super Bowl! Speaking of, as a female football fan it's always frustrating to feel like the left behind part of the audience when it comes to ads and the stereotypes. Tonight, call out sexism in the ads by using these hashtags: #NotBuyingIt #MediaWeLike #MakeItHappy

When It Don't Come Easy

I plan to take this no-equipment workout on dreary days like today when running just sounds miserable, or in hotel rooms when I need to squeeze in a quick sweat sesh! "I'm hungry, but I don't feel like eating." You know you've said it. ELLE Magazine takes on this and other mysteries in their guide to girl logic

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Use them for a heck of a lot of stuff!  Not a fan of plain ole water, I've been tricking myself into drinking more H2O using lemons for some time. SELF explains why this is even better. Beauty Queen turned blogger Brenna Mader talked this week on why her kitchen is always stocked with lemons. I've had my butt kicked this week by some kind of cold/flu situation, and this homemade cough remedy featuring - you guessed it - lemons, has been a huge sign of relief (literally). 

Dive Deep

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