My Sunday Paper - Volume 29

You guys, fall is here!  Well, it's just arriving in the south but in general it's HERE.  The leaves are changing, I've been sporting a few sweaters, football has taken over my Sundays (as well as Monday and Thursday nights), and Halloween and its festivities are a main topic of conversation. (What are you going to be? I seriously don't know yet.)  Here's what's happening with the change of seasons:

Work It!

The unusual lack of posts lately is because my work is taking all the creative juices I have to give, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I'm getting to do some really awesome stuff and working with some incredible people.  Isaac Hayden released his debut album and we've been putting out a series of videos.  Jimmy Herman (fiddle) and Garrett Goodwin (drums) played the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park yesterday with Carrie Underwood.  Add to that press releases, photo shoots, booking tour dates... you can see why I've been away from here!

Fit Bit

I haven't let my wellness slide, even if I haven't been talking about it as much.  I've been running 7 miles on the weekends - further than ever! - and a more normal 3-4 miles throughout the week.  If you missed it, I shared my best running tips earlier this month! I'm in love with these little love tag necklaces from Chelsea Charles (Count Me Healthy Jewelry).  Each one celebrates a different fitness passion or milestone.  And today you can get 25% off!  

Raise Your Hand

This video has been making the rounds online.  My absolute favorite line from it: "Getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air."  More internet female power is this video of Emma Watson's UN speech on gender equality.  (I love her reference to teenage girls dropping out of sports teams, something Prissy Tomboy is working to reverse.)  Levo League lists the best mantras from Claudia Chan's SHE Summit. 


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