My Sunday Paper - Volume 27

This week has been much hotter than expected in Tennessee, so I'm spending most of my time either sweating involuntarily in the baking sun (yesterday I got sunburned in the shape of my Energy bra...), or sweating on purpose with some early morning workouts.  This week I head to San Francisco with some girl friends for a weekend of sights, bites, and soulcycle.  Time to start packing!  

But first, my Sunday Paper:

Hear Me Roar

Being a woman is a privilege.  But, yes, it can be a lot of work.  These men had half their faces made up to look like women, and they narrate their experience.  Whether you're a #girlboss or another important team member, use these tips to make your office, coffee, and dinner meetings more mindful.  Purposeful is productive!  Oh, and if there's wine present, use these 7 tricks to avoid wine stained teeth embarrassment.  I've been wearing nude polish all summer and am beginning to tire of the same shade.  This list of ten best nude nail polish shades for fall will help me shake it up!  

Doorstep Delivery

These days you can pretty much order anything to be delivered to you, so it takes a lot to excite and impress. Of course, Glossybox is one of my monthly delights.  This one has caught my attention too - it's called Hatchery and it's a monthly box delivery of artisan foods.  It's kind of like bringing the farmer's market to you.  Once I have my new Brooklyn apartment this fall I'll be signing up.  Other frontrunners? Club W wine delivery and True&Co underthings.

Health Report

My favorite juice bar in Portland, Kure, shares their "Extra Mile" green juice recipe!  If you've been feeling too busy or unmotivated lately for your regular workouts, use this 15 minute video from Tracy Anderson to get in your daily workout.  If the dreaded bulge known as muffin top is a problem area for you, Women's Health shares some great tips for melting away muffin top in the kitchen.  Lastly, know what's in season at your Farmer's Market this month with this handy guide.  Make it a healthy week, y'all!


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