Peace Within, Peace Without

 LIVE right now. Click the image to tune in!

LIVE right now. Click the image to tune in!

Right at this moment, Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein are leading a Global Meditation for peace, which, if you read The Skimm every morning like I do, is something the world needs badly right now.  

Meditation is this "weird, mysterious" cloud of a thing to most people, including myself. It's becoming less so as I experience meditation in my yoga classes and in my other wellness experiences like working with the filmmakers of On Meditation and attending the SHE Summit.  

Think of it this way: meditation can be as simple as being.  There aren't any rules about it.  Can lie down or sit up.  You can close your eyes or keep them open.  You can focus on a single idea or thought.  You can think of nothing at all.  You can let the thoughts come and go as they will.

At the end of my yoga classes during the quiet, still rest time dedicated to savasana, I've started to use an image from my childhood to help me define what meditation means to me.  I was raised in a lake town and spent summers on my uncles' boats, swimming and skiing.  If you've ever water skied, you may be able to recall this as well.  It starts like this: you're in the water, bobbing up and down just slightly, holding the rope and keeping your skis upright, waiting.  In that moment, the sounds of chatter on the boat are far away.  It's a kind of beautiful, incredibly peaceful, isolation.  Just you in the cool water, far away from the world.  Just being.

That's what meditation is like to me - or at least where I'm trying to get in my meditative moments.  Thoughts are the chatter on the boat, present but like distant voices.  The world is the shore, there all around me but irrelevant to my current position.  The cool water is the energy around me, calm and positive.  I'm not performing or perfecting.  I just am.  

I am peace.

Are you listening to Deepak and Gabby today?  What is your take on meditation?


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