5 Songs on my Run Playlist

I love reading posts of people's "things I can't live without" or "must-haves" or "what's in my carry on," so much!  I can't get enough of favorite lipsticks, in-flight tricks, cute throw pillows, best hostess gifts, prettiest stationary, life-changing apps, or the newest print in leggings. So in the spirit of what I love to read, I will share with you my own lists of things. Today's is...

5 new songs on my run playlist!

1. Sia, Chandelier
Her voice on this song is gorgeous, and if you've seen the video then you'll absolutely imagine yourself dancing while you run down the street.

2. Don't, Ed Sheeran
I love the beat and sound to this song, and the fact that it's basically a story will keep your mind occupied for several minutes (or a half mile).

3. Take Me to Church, Hozier
My favorite song of the YEAR. I am completely obsessed with this song. Put. It. On. Repeat. It's slower than most "work out songs," but is just so beautiful and commanding that it keeps you going.

4. Black Widow, Iggy Azalea
Anything Iggy, really. But this song has a sick beat and kind of makes me want to do hair flips/head bangs while I'm running. Which is awesome but probably dangerous.

5. All About That Bass, Megan Trainor
Groovy. Plus she sings, "All the right junk in all the right places." Need I say more? Run it out, girl, but love yourself no matter what.

Want to hear all my faves? Listen here!

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