The 'I Want' List

A few weeks ago I was catching up with a friend at the salon and she told me about an activity she and her husband had done recently as a relationship-building exercise.  They each wrote down 100 things they want.  100 is a lot of things, she said, so they spanned across the board from trivial to meaningful, from superficial to spiritual.  She further explained how it was an awesome practice for herself, to get a look into the things she hopes for that she doesn't think of every day, as well as for her husband and herself as partners, to hear what each hoped for in life.

So this week I'm challenging all of you to do this.  Write down 100 things you want - big, small, silly, kind, superficial, complicated, simple, selfless... Anything and everything.  If you have a partner or friend you'd like to share lists with, do it.  If you'd like to share with me, you can comment below or email me.  Send me your whole list or just a thought or two.

Check back soon for my follow up post!

Kimberly NovoselComment