My Sunday Paper - Volume 28

This weekend has been a relaxing break between two weekends of travel - last weekend to San Francisco and next weekend to Gulf Coast Jam for Labor Day!  Yesterday there were two mega-highlights: I ran 7.08 miles (my farthest ever up from a 5.5 last year) and I met baby Rosalie who was born just three days ago now.  She's beautiful and amazing, and she was awake and cooing and her skin is so soft.  Weekend wins.  And now, Sunday Paper time!

Sights Unseen

The new Under Armour "I Will What I Want" campaign is still getting plenty of chatter, but believe me you haven't seen it all yet.  These are some of the most beautiful athlete photos ever. No one is pretty all the time! Laugh out loud at these pics of beautiful women making really ugly faces, including my favorite model right now, Cara Delevingne.  This is a great snapshot of this month's must-see movies, the best of which appears to be The One I Love starring the brilliant Elizabeth Moss.  

The Murtaugh List

Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother with The Murtaugh List, the list of things you're too old for?  I made my own a few years ago and denim skirts was the first thing I put on it.  This is a great read on what it's like to say goodbye to the wardrobe of your 20's.  You might add some foods to that list, too.  These unhealthy ingredients sap nutrients from the super foods you're eating (hint: #1 is sugar), so no matter how much kale you're sipping it's all moot if you blend it into a sugary smoothie.


Soon you'll be able to charge your phone with your own sweat.  I know, right?!  I'm feeling the need for a new iPhone (I still have the 4S) and along with that will come some fresh app updates to help organize my life and keep my goals on track. Here are 5 apps for every working woman.



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