My Sunday Paper - Volume 26

This is a big month of memories for me:  14 years ago I moved to Nashville.  10 years ago I graduated college.  9 years ago I lost someone very special.  6 years ago my boyfriend and I met.  And then there are the things I'm preparing for:  In two weeks I'll be in San Francisco.  This fall I'll be looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn.  In two months I'm headed to Mexico for my bff's wedding and a bit of no-tech vacation.  Let's not forget the start of football season!  Plus I have some goals that this month should gain me some traction in fitness and business.  Whew!  Helloooo August! 

Here's today's paper:

Fit Bits

Use your yoga block in a new way to tone up with this series of moves.  This summer treat is like nothing else you've tried: check out this recipe for a honey kombucha float.  Yum!!  Summer is the perfect time to combine your workouts with social time (or dates!), especially with these 10 workouts for 2.  Ballerina Misty Copeland stars in Under Armour's new "I Will What I Want" ad and it's inspiring

All Aboard

If, like me, you have some travel planned this month, you'll need these 5 ways to stay present on vacation.  Travel is one of the greatest things in life - soak up every moment of your adventure and use it to nurture your self-growth.  You may also need these 27 tips for traveling in style.

All Kinds of Emotional

One of, if not THE, best band I've ever seen live is The Lone Bellow.  Don't know who they are or haven't seen them in your town yet?  Thank YouTube for nearly an hour-long video of their show in Boston



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