Sharing Strength

So I took a little break from blogging this past week to go to San Francisco with some girlfriends.  Of course, while we were there we had to take a soulcycle class (or three) with my bestie, instructor Heather A.  Not only did she totally kill it up there (and give me sore triceps for days) but she also spoke wisely of relationships.  "There's something beautiful about the way people come together in a dark room to share in each others' strength."

From the rider next to you to your closest group of friends-who-feel-like-family, her words ring true.  Do you give it?  Do you accept it when it's given to you?  Generally when we feel alone in the world it's because we aren't accepting support from somewhere that it's available to us.  Maybe we decide that the friend who is trying to love on us doesn't "get it," or we're too embarrassed to admit how much we're struggling.  Maybe we use "they're too busy to take on my problems" or other such barriers that we put in place, generally to wall ourselves in with our pain.  It takes just as much courage - or more - to receive than it does to give.

If you're struggling with something in your life right now, be it grief, a big decision to be made, a frustration... open your eyes to who is offering you strength.  Then open your heart to receive it.  

You're not in that dark room alone. 

Kimberly NovoselComment