3 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout



It's true that the hardest part of a workout is lacing up your shoes. Finding the motivation (or making the time) to "just do it" is where most of us get hung up on our fitness goals. So how can you stay motivated enough to hit the gym, studio, road or trail as often as you'd like? There are three things that keep me at 5-6 workouts a week, up from a stellar 0-2 just two years ago.

1. So Emotional, Baby

In a new study, researchers at The University of New Hampshire asked over 200 undergrad students to describe either a positive or negative memory related to exercise. Eight days later, researchers found the students who had shared a positive exercise memory reported exercising more than those who shared a negative one. It wasn't until I had put one surprising success under my belt that my attitude began to shift from "should" to "want to," and then when my workouts began to regularly feel like personal triumphs - body and soul - it changed from "want to" to "duh."

2. I'm in a Meeting

Treat it like an important meeting or appointment. I plan my workouts 3 days to a week ahead and write them in my planner, including time and activity. It helps that most of my workouts are classes so they are actually scheduled. I'm not much for working out at home. I work at home, so my workouts are one of the few things that get me out of the house. If you work out at home, adopt the same attitude. It's a priority.

3. Accept the Sweat

If your workouts are squeezed in between a long work day and happy hour cocktails, chances are you'll break nary a sweat in order to stay moderately fresh and presentable. I ask you, then what is the point!? If you want your workouts to be affective, which as a busy and intelligent woman you surely do, then you should sweat enough during even a 30-minute workout to need a shower. If my sweat style clothes don't desperately need a wash after one workout, I haven't succeeded. Start a contest with yourself to see how red-faced and disgusting you can look in your post-workout sweaty selfies.

If it helps, I'll even challenge you to a sweaty selfie duel.  (I'm on Twitter and Instagram @kimberlynovosel if you want to take me up on that!)

Here's to a sweaty, healthy week!  

Kimberly NovoselComment