My Sunday Paper - Volume 22

Hello, Sunday!  I hope you're enjoying the long weekend.  Amongst burgers and BBQ, corn hole, wine, and friends, I've also had a chance to get some rest which was much needed and is so appreciated.  Now I'm leaded out for a double work out to get the new week started out right!  Here's your morning Paper:

Myth Busters

These beauty experiments are becoming more and more popular, and I don't mind it!  You know how people say the more symmetrical your face, the more beautiful?  Not necessarily, as this study proves.  A photographer photo shopped his models faces to show each side taken if it were symmetrical.  He proves we all do have a "good side," that's for sure.

I'm excited to see ELLE cover my friends at Sakara Life, my favorite nutritional food delivery service.  It is one of the things I've most been missing about New York!  Find out what happens when one ELLE reader follows their meal plan for a month, while still brunching on weekends.

Beauty to Go

Road tripping this summer?  Don't throw away all your hard work by falling prey to desperate gas station munchies.  The Body Book lists some convenience store options that will keep you on the road to wellness.

These 5 beauty apps give you make up reviews, beauty deals, and same day appointments all on your phone.  I definitely plan to try a few of these!

Patio Days

Speaking of New York, why dine indoors when it's the perfect season to enjoy the open air and the city views?  These are the best outdoor dining spots in New York, though I can already think of a handful more in the likes of Chelsea and Williamsburg.  Lesson?  Try a new place this summer!

Bright Ahead