New Friends: Prissy Tomboy Athletics

When Prissy Tomboy founder Tracey Pearson asked teen girls why they don't play sports, the answers were not all that varied.  Fear of being judged, fear of failure, believing they aren't athletic, and concern about social schedules verses the demand of practices and games all contributed to the drop in girls who participate in sports in those years.  She'd noticed the coordinating drop in confidence in girls that age and knew it wasn't a coincidence.  Girls who did play sports showed a kind of self-confidence that others didn't, from standing up straight o making eye contact and speaking clearly.  A challenge was clear: How to show girls that sports can be fun and social, among other things?

Prissy Tomboy Athletics was born with the mission to "create a space where girls feel empowered, recognized, and supported through sports."  I've said this before: We are all athletes.  Fitness just looks different to each of us.  Tracey and her team use a wide array of activities to help girls find what they love to do, from paddle boarding to rock climbing, and the Prissy Tomboy Ambassador program educates and inspires young athletes.  In addition, you can shop products like t-shirts and headbands, and starting this fall a line of all natural beauty products like sunscreen and bug spray as well.

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