5 Small Ways to Boost Your Confidence



Sometimes working toward something is enough to give you a confidence boost, even before you've accomplished your goal.  Think about it, a woman who sets out to lose 60 pounds will feel pretty good after losing 20, right?  Or someone who interviews and gets good feedback from her dream job will be encouraged, even if another candidate is chosen.  

Boost your confidence by upping your game in these small ways, depending on where you need the biggest confidence boost:

1. Protect Your Time

Over-promising or overloading yourself can make you feel exhausted and even under-appreciated. Giving so much of your time and energy can spread you too thin.  Protect your time by agreeing to only so much in a day, or only projects that you feel passionately about.  Make sure sleep and even quiet time or rest time have their place in your schedule.  Those things are just as important as anything else.  Don't put yourself on the back burner.  Learn to say no without giving reasons or excuses.  You don't have to be available for everything.  Participating in what's most important to you, even with a still full schedule, will make you feel like an important contributor who values her time.

2. Conscientious Diet

Even if your jeans fit the same today as they did yesterday, you're more likely to criticize yourself after having a chocolate muffin (cupcake in disguise) with your coffee and a burger and fries for dinner.  Treat yourself occasionally and prevent over-indulging, and you'll feel satisfaction from doing what's best for your body and self.  Eating the kale salad at lunch and skipping the muffin will make you feel as svelte as you actually look anyway.

3. A Little Give

We can't necessarily save the world in a day, but we can for certain make someone's world brighter in a moment.  Bring lunch to the girl who doesn't often leave her desk.  Pay for someone's Starbucks.  Speak a kind word to a stranger or a not-stranger (as long as it's sincere!).  Surprise and delight someone else and you'll feel that confidence boost, too.

4. Dress the Part

Work from home, or in an office with a lax dress code?  I wear yoga pants almost every day, so I  hear ya.  It's awesome.  But the days when I dress for a particular meeting or event, even if it's just trading jeans in for my wunder unders or adding a red lip, make me walk a little taller and shine a little brighter.  Mix some color, sparkle, or a special piece into your usual wardrobe and feel the shift!

5. Hostess with the Mostess

This doesn't have to contradict protecting your time.  You can have friends over for wine on the patio, or simply choose a new or favorite restaurant and ask a handful of people to join you for dinner.  Bringing people together for fun is bound to make you feel good!


Have suggestions to add?  Share in the comments below!