My Sunday Paper - Volume 25

I've just wrapped up two busy bee weeks and I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to having a little less to do this week.  In August, I'll be traveling a ton!  From visiting family to a girls trip to hanging with some clients at a festival, it'll be a month full of on-the-go.  Today, you'll find me at yoga and then taking it pretty easy.  How about you?

in the kitchen

I use olive oil for everything from keeping my pasta from sticking to drizzling it on my salads.  These 7 mistakes you're making with olive oil are news to me. Take note!  Friday night I went to a little hangout with some friends where I was told there'd be s'mores.  (Hello, sugar!)  Inspired by this recipe, I took bananas with me and had my s'mores with bananas instead of marshmallows.  Really, really delicious - and so much healthier!  Eggs bennie is one of my favorite brunches.  Here are 6 ways to indulge, sans bread!  Still hesitant to get on board with kale?  Try this kale caesar as a gateway to the greens.  

work it out

Warm up this morning with these jumping-jack hacks.  Feeling exhausted lately? These 14 things could be causing those yawns.  I know my sleep has been irregular lately so this week I'm returning to my standard bedtime.  Stylish site The Covetuer test drives 5 fitness apps.  Now please excuse my while I go download some stuff... 

I think in black

These 50 best fashion quotes of all time will have you pinning like a madwoman.  Get on it!  If you're as big a Blair Eadie fan as I am (or if you don't know what I'm talking about) you'll love her 5 favorite things.  

looks good to me